"Spit'in Anger is a heart-wrenching look at the emotional pain - and yes, anger - that a child feels when his father is alive but absent. Anyone who cares about the human condition can't help but be moved by the words, images and facts this powerful documentary presents. If this doesn't lead us to do all we can to find solutions, I'm not sure what will.''
Chris Broussard, ESPN Reporter and President of The K.I.N.G. Movement

"I remember as a kid not really knowing my father.  When I finally did meet him, I couldn't understand why this guy who looked like me, walked and talked like me, didn't want me."
Jamie Hector - "Marlo" | HBO Series The Wire

Spit'in Anger is one of the first documentaries that tackles the real rage our black boys feel because of being abandoned by  their fathers . But by helping these boys to tell their stories, they have now found the freedom to be happy and leave open a door to their emotionally  damaged fathers who in truth were abandoned by their fathers.
Dr. Jeffrey Gardere; Assistant Clinical Professor
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Truth-telling can be painful! Fathers not in the lives of their children can leave an indelible mark  of  loss on the mind, the heart and the soul of a child! That mark too often does not lay quiet and dormant but often erupts especially in our boys as anger and posturing for acceptance and affirmation. Spit'in Anger is powerful truth-telling about the challenges and opportunities confronting us in healing our children and ultimately in healing our community.
Dr. Kirk E. Harris, MPA, JD, PhD; Attorney -at-Law
Senior Advisor - Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities

"Spit'in Anger takes a candid look at what fuels the fury of so many of our men and boys. It captures the grit and fire that burns in their souls. This is the necessary dialogue for healing."
Ron "Sugarbear" Williams
Board Chair; Fathers Incorporated

Past Testimonies

  • Really touched my heart
  • I had my dad in my life but I’m mad at him because he has fatherless issues
  • I felt chills
  • Kenneth Braswell's presentation was truly moving and life changing! You know I literally cried during the entire session
  • I loved that tonight we got to see that honesty & FORGIVENESS

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